A Banana Hunt

I take into consideration of many points when I design lamps for kids. One of the things I would like to see is a lamp that grows with the child. My lamps are made from a calabash and behave like wood. Needs no maintenance and if you don't break them, they will survive for many years. Because of the uniqueness of these lampshades, it is highly likely that your child will keep the lamp as he grows and keep a childhood memory when they are adults. This is not a toy picked from Toys'R Us which has zillion copies. A Banana Hunt which combines a chimp and flowers would be one of these designs

So easy to use A Banana Hunt is a lampshade which will present a different personality as you experiment with different light sources. Use with a color changing LED and your child will use to entertain friends in the room. Use a dimmed low light and it will turn into a nightlight. Change the color of the light as the seasons change and it will keep its attraction while keeping the positive energy it gives all the time.