A carefully placed light has the power to visually trick the eye and create a feeling of space. And just in case if you are searching for a lamp that would add depth to a space, A Bohemian Spring might be an option.


If you experiment with the light source you use for this lampshade; like trying with different colors or with LEDs or simply by changing the wattage, you would be able to create a good few different perceptions of your room, particularly depth. This would be the leaf like figures in the bolder central section. If you place this gourd lamp onto a coffee table with a strong wattage (non-heating please) it will lighten up the dark corners easily. Don't need all that glam and shine, simply use lower wattage, you will enjoy the soul filling, comfort giving, psyche improving qualities.


My lampshades are made from Mediterranean calabash, dried, interiors removed. Easy to use and light weight. There is a large hole underneath the lampshade and it will sit on any light source easily. Going to sleep? Simply lift it up and take to your bedroom use by your bed side table. No problem. Going to your country or beach house. Take her with you.

A Bohemian Spring

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