Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered said Giorgio Armani. That would be what I like to hear for this oversized design I call 'A Gourd Elegance'. And if you place this lampshade somewhere in a room which you host your guests; you, your room and the lampshade shall be remembered.

A gourd lamp is not an object that you come across in a shopping mall. They are rare. So there is always the 'unexpected' element with a gourd lamp. If never seen before by a guest, than I can assure you that the lamp will be the topic of conversation at a stage. If you want to make a statement, put this lampshade on and watch the unexpected unfold. When your decoration is about you, gourd lamps are good friends, they keep secrets, keep your soul warm and calm. Experiment with the light source inside, they change mood and reflect it in the athmosphere. Use weaker light source or try another color, you will see that with the change in light, the gourd lamp will change.

There is no exeggeration in this design. The gourd lamp has a balanced bead and carving work. Colorful enough to be classifed bohemian, ample enough to be transitional and of course naturally Mediterranean. With a white airbrush work on the background, A Gourd elegance is a timeless piece.

A Gourd Elegance