A Love in Japanese

You may expect a perfume or a jewelry as a gift but hardly anyone expects a handmade gourd lamp from the Mediterranean on a birthday or on an anniversary. That's why, I would expect the person who would receive this unique, authentic and colorful gift to be thrilled. With its huge size, even before the box is opened, the gift brings excitement and curiosity. Once opened the rest is all about cheering up, smiles and a good time... well every night. My gourd lamps are reminders of the person who gave this as a gift. They don't sit in a drawer or rest on a vanity. They are used almost every single night reminding of you to that person every time they are turned on.

Made from an organic material, Mediterranean calabash, A Love in Japanese is a large minimalist lampshade. I place bi-color beads into the vertically sectional flower like drill holes and again vertically seperate these holes with multi diameter drill holes to make a replica. I believe this work done on the calabash makes her not only an exceptional authentic craft but also an impressive lamp and a decorative object which looks cool anywhere.

With a large circular opening underneath, the lampshade will rest on any light source easily. When lit, the lamp shade will immediately add elegance and style into the room and spread warm positive energy around. By changing the nature, strenght or color of the light source, you can enjoy A Love in Japanese in different modes for many long years.