Chasing Stars

Chasing Stars is a distinctive gourd lamp design which resembles innocence, hope and self-confidence.

A boy sitting on a crescent trying to catch stars with a fish hook!!! I would believe that I can catch a star with a fish hook only when I was a child and that's the element which brings the innocence on this design. Chasing Stars is about hope as no matter what happens in life, we all know that dreams may come true. Especially if we really want to, like the boy on the crescent. To me Chasing Stars is more than a lampshade, a unique object with a wonderful message. And the message is that no matter how impossible it may look, you still may bring your dreams into reality.

A design finished mainly for children's room in mind. I must confess that I questioned two couples on the reasons for selecting Chasing Stars. The answer was common. They believed that this lampshade might contribute to the child's imagination as well as creativity. And that's what I would love to hear. Apart from the crescent section, the body is finished with transperent varnish which means that the lampshade would last many years. If bought for a child, he/she may keep this lampshade as a childhood memory, a reminder of family.

By changing the nature, strenght and color of the light source, you can change the effects the lampshade produces. Provided that the light source is non-heating, you can use low glow light sources with color options for the comfort of your child.