My gourds are derived from a Mediterranean vegetable called 'calabash'. Like all other vegetables, almost all calabash look the same but each one is different from each other by creation. I am able to apply my designs to most of the gourds but there will be a few odd looking gourds, distinctively seperating themselves from the others. By the looks they may look odd but the quality of the gourd will be the best. For sure I don't throw such gourds away and I always try to find designs to suit these odd gourds. Chummy Inhabitants is one of them. That's why this design has unusual and non-symmetric shapes on them and that's why there is a lot of attention focused on coloring. If you are looking for a perfect gourd in all ways, you will find a lot of charming designs in our store here. However, if you like unusual, uncommon, strange objects, with its extremely positive energy Chummy Inhabitants will be your favourite as long as you expext to receive a strange object as a night light.


Chummy Inhabitants

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