Have a gourd lamp just made for you or customise an existing design

No matter what the occasion or the idea is, there is a gourd lamp design we can make for you. The options are limited only by your imagination.


We drill photographs, illustration and logos on calabash based gourds as you like.


You can select from our existing designs or may come up with an idea of yours. No matter what you like to have on the gourd, we are able to deliver the lampshade you want, in a fashion you want.

Place your business and product into your customers living room

You are running a business.

You have your own logo or make/produce something unique and special. Maybe there is some illustration that represents or reminds your product or business.


Like to have a clever idea shining around?


Simply order a custom design gourd lamp which would have your idea on. Handmade gourd lamps are not ordinary products that people bump into in a shopping mall.

Once received you can be sure that the lamp is destined to the living room of the person you give. She will be lit every night reminding that person of you and your business.

Light up that special awesome moment

There are moments in our life which we all feel happy and proud about. Arrival of a new child, a graduation or a marriage. Sometimes we manage to capture the great moments on these occasions. However in time they all stay in photo albums or in our mobile's storage.

Why not place them onto a gourd and keep it alive every night?

Attract people that walk by to your shop window. Add distinction to your restaurant, cafe and boutique hotel

Gourd lamps are interesting, uncommon and rare. No matter where they are placed, they attract attention and create interest.

Simply place a custom made gourd lamp to your shop window. People will stop to stare at them. They will spend time in front of your shop while acknowledging your shop and the products.

You may be running a coffee shop, a bar or a boutique hotel. Spread a few gourd lamps around. You will not only be creating a unique athmosphere but will be sure that you are the only place around which has these special handmade objects

Wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, baptism, communion,Christmas.


For any special occasion

Every year we go thourogh a process of selecting the best present for our loved ones. And every year we find it hard to find that different present that we didn't give the previous year. There is always a chllenge of finding something unique and special.

Well this year you have an option which is truely unique.