handmade gourd lamp
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The Felicity V2
Savage Smile

The Felicity is one of the earliest works of Rising Star and has been in our collection since the very beginning. I enjoy this design for a lot of reasons and that's why we developed three versions of it. This one is called 'Savage Smile' as I don't think the red, orange and yellow coloring which forms half of the gourd lamp is as innocent as the name Felicity suggests. 

The Felicity is an immediate mood changer and bringer of good vibes and color. The second you turn this gourd lamp on, it will change the entire atmosphere within the room and consecutively strengthen the personality of the environment. The Felicity separates itself from many other gourd lamp designs with her balanced beading work and blank sections.

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handmade gourd lamp
gourd lamp
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handmade gourd lamp