A design which we couldn't name something else but 'Gourdfish'. An illustration of a goldfish on calabash based gourd lamp.

Simply plug in this oversized lamp and you will see an immediate change in the atmosphere. Try changing the color, nature or the wattage of the light source inside, with each change you will experience a different vibe but still a statement-making, dominant lamp carrying light and energy to each and every single corner in the room. The Gourdfish is not just a lamp with a Japanese style illustration on it. She is a magician able to deliver an endless number of tricks which are limited only by your imagination. She adopts to your mood or the occasion in your house. Want to cool down and relax a little bit, use a dim light and enjoy the peaceful rays of light emerging from the Gourdfish. Want to throw a party Gothic style or on a Halloween, use a strong red light or a spinning LED. There goes your party decoration. The Gourdfish is exceptional in many ways.

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