Any gourd crafter from the Mediterranean would have an angel design one way for another. It is not because it is wonderful or challenging design to make but simply any parent who would be interested in buying a gourd lamp would be asking for it. For some reason, it is a popular design in the Mediterranean and commonly used in the nurseries and children's room.

Our Angel design has two angels on its body. One at the front and the other at the back. The lines are simple as this is a child's item. We place two angels because we want the reflection on the wall to be perfect. We drill the rest of the body and fill some of the holes with beads to create a halo effect. There is an additional heart shape on the chest of the angel to associate the figure with something positive.

Try this lampshade with different colors and wattage. You will see that changes in the source of light will bring changes to the reflections and halo created by the lampshade. You can adjust the size of the angel by moving the lampshade close or away from the wall.

We finish the lampshade to a white neat airbrush to add extra durability believing that your child would keep this lampshade for the rest of his/her life reminding them about yourselves for the rest of their lives.

Gourding Angel

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