Have you been thinking of a bizarre and exceptional idea to add some spice to your living space? Something quite uncommon but distinctive. Something unusual and turns your space into somewhere unique and special. This lamp which we call Gourds on Fire might be that peculiar something that you have been looking for.

Gourds on Fire is more than an oversized lampshade with a fire on its body. She is a massive decorative object possessing magician tricks, tricks limited with your imagination and the lamp options in your local hardware. Simply plug in this lamp (or a couple) to a corner in your room and you will see an immediate change in the atmosphere and the room will turn into something extraordinary. If you use a strong but non-heating light source inside, Gourds on Fire will blast its red and blue dominant spice around, spreading its energy to your soul making a bold statement of your space.

Gourds on Fire

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