I find living an amazing experience and when this experience meets my craft, than it is even more amazing for me. And what you see here in product visuals has been an experience within an experience. You are looking at the last addition to our gourd lamp collection, the iconic genie bottle from I Dream of Jeannie TV series.

The reason I mention how amazing life is that I never thought that I would be making a gourd lamp of this nature until a gentleman from the US contacted me and asked if I could make a replica if this iconic lamp/bottle design. An object that has a place in most people's memory lane within our generation. When I accepted his order, I never thought that I was also preparing for a voyage in time.

Apparently the original bottle used in the TV series was made from a Jim Beam bottle that has a narrower bottom section which is not something that I can find in our region in the form of a gourd. That's why the bottom section of our genie bottle lamp has a larger lower section which I personally believe brings out the beauty of the oriental shapes in the original design and add richness to the object as a lamp. The upper section of the gourd is removable as I tried to reflect the original as much as I can. You can even create the same genie bottle effect by placing a steam maker through the hole under the gourd. We painted the gourd with Montana Colors 94 purple spray paint which is considered to be the best in the world. The details on the lamp are acyrilic.

Replica Iconic Genie Bottle of

'I Dream of Jeannie'

Replica of Iconic Genie Lamp in the form of Gourd Lamp
A Transition Hadmade Gourd Lamp
A Transition Hadmade Gourd Lamp
A Transiion handmade gourd light