You heard about gourd lamps. Maybe you have seen a couple of them but you are not sure if this is exactly something you need. You are willing to give it a try but don't want to spend a fortune. Well, this fine minimalist gourd lamp which I call 'In a Gentle Way' (inspired by Gandhi's famous quote) may be ideal to give it a go.


Gourd Lamps are not essential objects if you are in the process of setting up space or decorating a room. However, if you already have a space that you are trying to transform, want to add some color and spice, then a gourd lamp is an amazing product. You need to have one of these as they are wonderful decorative objects on top of their illumination capabilities. Additionally, they will help you relax, keep your company, maybe become that special object that you love to have around. They make great gifts as well.

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