A brand new design Ivies in White is a cool combination of geometry and a modern minimalist interpretation of nature. The ivies that form the main theme of this gourd lamp is inspired from 'Hands on Hips' figure which is one of the most popular forms on Middle Eastern rugs, a figure representing women and fertility.

In addition to its characteristics as a modern craft from the Mediterranean, Ivies in White is designed to reflect the nature of the light source inside. She is a plain work of gourd craft with no distractions between the light source and the output (like beads). So place a yellow light inside, you will get a lovely output with a lot of positive energy. Put a green or red light and she will turn into a nightlight which will company you to a nice comfortable sleep. She is a nice piece of cool and elegant gourd craft.

In a world and markets full of brilliant ideas and products, I believe my lamps stand out in their own way as unique gift ideas for many occasions as they are entirely handmade and can't be found easily in every shopping mall. That's why I believe you may consider Ivies in White as a gift for valentines day, mothers day, housewarming as well as anniversary and birthday. I believe this lamp has the power to make someone dear feel special on top of its lighting and decorative characteristics.

Ivies in White

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Purple Felicity Handmade Gourd Lamp Unique Gift Ideas