Messages From Heaven



A new version of one of the Rising Star's best sellers Messages from Heaven and here is its the story.


I can't precisely tell where I heard it first. Maybe it might be a Buddhist belief. They say that if you see a butterfly, you actually receive a message from Heaven. This remained in my memory and everytime I see a butterfly, I believe that there is a message for me from Heaven. True or not, the feeling makes me happy and inspires me for the rest of the day. And that's the reason I call this design 'Messages from Heaven'.


This calabash based gourd lampshade is an outcome of cutting, drilling work as well as beading. There's a fine layer of transperent varnish that reflects the original dried body. She will match with any decor which welcomes a wooden look under daylight. In darkness, skills of the lampshade is limited with your experiments. By changing the nature, strenght and the color of the light source, you can adopt this design into any mood. With low dim light can be used as a night stand, with a color changing, spinning LED, she can cheer up any party.


If you are searching for a gift, something special and uncommon, this is an ultimate option. She puts a smile on any face and thrills the person when given as a gift.