Owl You Need

Owl You Need is one of those gourd lamps I designed with the children's room in mind but received more demand by their parents. I put a lot of thinking into it to understand the reason and I concluded that it is the charming purple beadwork that surrounds the two owls on the gourd. The reflection that the purple beads create on the surface they sit is quite attractive making Owl You Need a design for all ages.​


I find Owls as fascinating creatures. There is one (maybe a family) that lives nearby and I do enjoy him having around although he never comes close. And I believe this is one of the reasons that I have two gourd lamp designs with owls on them. You can find the other design here in our web page under the name 'The Owlsome'


My handmade gourd lamps have some common characteristics which I believe separates them from some other similar products. I open a circular hole underneath the gourd which means that you can place the lampshade on any source of light. Each different light source brings out a different appearance and reflections. You increase the wattage and the lampshade will present sharp reflections. Put them onto a red or green light, they will act as night lights. Use them with spinning LEDs and you create a party atmosphere. Calabash based gourds are lightweight and you can carry them around as you like. Basically, if you experiment with the source of light, you will have a lamp which will change as you wish which makes these lamps a lifetime company.