pretty thing gourd lamp

The Pretty Thing

Here is a gourd lamp classic from the Mediterranean. Well... interpreted the Rising Star Way, enriched with fine coloring and presented as a charming decorative object as well as a functional work of craft.

I never called myself an artist but a crafter. As a crafter who makes a commercial product one of my objectives has been to offer yourselves a diverse range of gourd lamps / night ligjhts so that everyone could find a design to meet their expectations. I have some gourd lamp designs that I don't necessarily like but I have seen people who adored them.

Among all these designs, some of them segregated themselves as everyone's favourite. No matter what style they liked, they all agreed that particular design was cool. The Pretty Things is one of them.

Originally designed to attract boho and hippie style which is very close to me, this gourd lamp has been everyone^s favourite. And if you are in search of a unique gift and particularly for women, I can comfortably and comfidently recommend as an idea as you can't really go wrong with The Pretty Thing.

handmade gourd lamp
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handmade gourd lamp