The Wicked Bohemian. A handmade gourd lamp that shall not go unnoticed.

October 13, 2017

Classic Mediterranean gourd craft involves a lot of drilling and beading work. Most of us start drilling holes on a calabash, pre-designed or spontenous, and than gently hammer beads into these holes. We change the size of the drill holes and the diameter of the beads to create different figures, colors and illumination.

Drilling on a calabash can be a hard task. The dried surface is usually slippery. The entire body is curvy and as you go up the neck and head section, the surface area decreases making it harder to keep the drill straight. You may spend hours trying to drill a single calabash, if you don't give up on the way.


This is what makes gourd crafting a rare form or craft/art as the processes you need to complete to end up with a product/art work sometimes can be extremely demanding and requires patience, devotion and commitment. Within the last decade I have seen many people willing to make gourd craft (sometimes coming to our workshop and asking for lessons) but give up after a short time. Sometimes it is not the people but the life style and parameters like family, work or income force people give up on gourd craft.



The Wicked Bohemian, a personal favourite and one of the best sellers is one of those gourd lamps that demand a lot of patience and hard work to make a replica. She is a combination of cutting and drilling work over white airbrush and beading to complete. There is something all over the body with multi color effects and different shapes. She is a fine handmade gourd lamp. The calabash we will select to make The Wicked Bohemian will have 35-40cm (15-18inch) high and 28-35cm (12-15inch) wide.


I can comfortably recommend this gourd lamp to anyone for any style and any occasion. She is attractive, charming and to me she is stunning piece of a gourd lamp with bohemian influences, lots of lively colors and plenty of continious positive energy. The Wicked Bohemian shall not remain unnoticed where ever she is lit.








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