When you can't look on the bright side...... I will sit with you in the dark.

Home is 'the' place. The place to be. Home is our kingdom. Home is our shelter. Home is where we hide, we cry and we rest. Home is where we return every night. Home is where we die every night and born again every morning. I believe most people would agree with me.

World Peace Now

It is sad that there are many people out there who can't enjoy even the simplest pleasures and security that a home brings. As an individual I invite world leaders to stop building weapons but homes. Maybe they will never hear me or even if they hear, it won't change anything. Yet I know all genuine people, no matter where ever they come from will demand the same thing. World peace now.

Life has to go on. And we have to go on. And after a hard day's night, we all deserve some peace, some rest, some entertainment, some get away. And that's going to be home.

A Hard Day's Night

In this article I want to introduce you, 'Somewhere in Time'. A handmade gourd lamp with a lot of hidden powers in addition to its colorful, lively and attractive appearance. Somewhere in Time is a Mediterranean gourd lamp classic. The reason I call this design a classic because it has full body drilling and beading work. If you ever visit a town in the Mediterranean where you see gourd lamps for sale, this is the type of work you will meet. And that's why I call this gourd lamp a classic. There is no relation to its design.

Most gourd crafters in our area, and in this age, start with drilling and placing beads onto calabash. Before the drilling became common, it was more about painting the gourd. That type of work didn't really create a night time benefit until drills became popular. And since the drill was introduced, the markets are filled with gourd lamps with beads on them. I do thank to those crafters as they had pushed us to discover new techniques, new experiments to differ our work from the rest of the others. However there are few designs which we keep in our collection permanently as we are happy with them and know that they are different in their own league.