The search. A progressive workshop for gourd art.

Unlike sculpture or painting, gourd art can be restrictive. You actually work with a vegetable, curvy all around, slippery body, less than half inch of a thickness, 10-15 inches of height and a similar width. Unless you have something in mind or you are making a replica, you may be staring at the calabash and she maybe staring at you and you may get nothing done but drink coffee for hours. Eventually you may consider a bottle of beer for enhanced creativity. :)))

Then you are restricted with your calabash stock. It takes months for them to grow. Than it takes months for them to dry. By the time you turn the calabash to a workable gourd, it will be approximately 6 months. It is not like a piece of paper which you can throw away your sketch and get another one. You need to be careful with your gourd.

Not only as an artist but as a workshop, we have a progressive personality. We constantly think of ideas, things that we can do. Painting on gourds is not our main focus. We love it but for us it is an early technique used by many others. Beading is something which we try to use the least as at the moment it is the most popular among gourd crafters. With a color madness on a gourd lamp, you can hardly differ the quality of work.

So back in 2016, we started to experiment with the form of the gourd. We bought a seperate cutting machine to make unique cuts on the gourds. The more experiments we made, the better the results we got.

One of the pieces in our collection, The Eccentric, is a consequece of these experiments. The gourd lamp contains painting work, cutting work, drilling work and beading work. So it is almost the combination of all techniques plus our edgy and unusual style. She is a pioneer which opened doors for new designs and more designs to be made.

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