Avsalllar,The Castle of Rising Star and a nice friendly village in Alanya, Antalya

I thought it may be a good idea to show you a little bit of where we live and where we work.

I believe our environment has a lot of influence on our work as well as our psyche. Our productivity and of course our creativity.

Avsallar is a small village right on the Mediterranean coast and in borders of famous Turkish resort, alternatively known as Turkish Riviera, wonderful Alanya. Our village hosts thousands of people during the summer. Comes winter, we are only a bunch of families and residents. When I mean residents, I don't necessarily mean Turkish as we have a lot of German, Scandinavian, English and some Irish living in our cute little tiny village.

I don't intend to write about the history of Avsallar or the hotels surrounding our village. That type of information is all around. So I want to focus on the wednesday market which takes place every wednesday. It brings the community together, brings action to the village, creates an economic activity. If the weather is nice (nice here means not too hot), it is a great day out in Avsallar. You do your shopping, have a lunch and some drinks. Maybe extend your visit to the evening. That's a great day out in Avsallar.

Normally the small market has two sections. When the summer comes, you can observe a third section, an extention of the market which hosts merchants of souveniers, leather bags, clothing and such, things that would attract tourists. Can you get gourd lamps in the market? I am afraid not. But you get all the vegetables and the fruits of the season fresh.

The entrance section is usually filled with villagers. These are not licenced merchants. When I mean not-licenced, I don't mean they sell something illegal or banned. They are just innocent villagers who live in the mountains and come down to village every week to sell their local produce. The officials simply don't see them sitting around. You can't get many kilograms of products from these people. They will have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Few kilograms of tomatos, few kilos of cucumbers, some herbs. The main section is professional merchants whose main job and income is to sell fruits

and vegetables in the market.

These merchants travel from one market to another, setting up their stalls each morning and putting them back to their vans to set up the next day at another nearby location.

Let me tell you a little bit about a common character of the markets in the city of Antalya, the town Alanya belongs and the village we belong. Antalya is the garden of Turkey, There is no city in Turkey that farming is so advanced. Antalya literally feeds Turkey. Towns, villages have their own produce. Some focus on tomatoes, some on bananas. There are thousands of green

houses farming all year around. These greenhouses do not only feed Turkey but a significant amount is exported to Russia and neighbouring countries. And the beauty of the local markets you will get in this area are full or fresh produce, picked up only a few hours ago, as organic as they can be in their natural habitat.

The market will be full of seasonal options as well as green house produce. You are warrantied to find everything that you will need in the house to keep another week going. Even if you are only a visitor and have no reason to buy any vegetables from the market, you will not be able to stop yourself sit within the market to have drink of cold freshly squeezed orange juice or pick up a kilo of the seasonal fruit. If you are nearby, the local market

in Avsallar or neighbouring villages is the best activity. You may not be able to experience the true Turkish experience.

Gourd Lamps? Maybe some day, we will hire a stall in a local market to see how it does.

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