Chasing Stars. A design of innocence, hope and self confidence.

Today I want to talk about a special design which means a lot to me personally. Chasing Stars.

Chasing Stars Handmade Gourd Lamp

I have amazing memories of my childhood and have many things in my apartment to remind me of those wonderful days. Every now and than I will go back to my childhood either by staring at these objects or in some other way. I believe it is pretty much the same for many people. Most of us have good memories of our childhood as we all didn't have much to worry about apart from finding ways to play more games.

Chasing Stars Handmade Gourd Lamp

Comes those years which we go to school and maybe college. And here comes life. Full of things to fight with. Not only on a personal level but globally we experience a lot of negativity that directly impact our life. I don't know about yourselves but I don't feel any good when I know something bad happens elsewhere on the world.

At the age of 46, I know that it is not going any better for any of us globally. Our kids and the new generation face many challenges which we never had and our parents never thought about. I wish good luck to them all.

Chasing Stars Handmade Gourd Lamp

After a day in the workshop I was looking at the news on the TV and I haven't heard of anything positive. So I decided to write for our blog. And it was unavoidable for me to tell you about this special lamp inspired from my childhood, well possibly your childhood as well.

Chasing Stars is a distinctive gourd lamp design which resembles innocence, hope and self-confidence.

A boy sitting on a crescent trying to catch stars with a fish hook!!!

Chasing Stars Handmade Gourd Lamp

I would believe that I can catch a star with a fish hook only when I was a child and that's the element which brings the innocence on this design. Chasing Stars is about hope as no matter what happens in life, we all know that dreams may come true. Especially if we really want to, like the boy on the crescent. To me Chasing Stars is more than a lampshade, a unique object with a wonderful message. And the message is that no matter how impossible it may look, you still may bring your dreams into reality.

And to be honest to you, Chasing Stars is one of the designs I use at home personally as it has the powers to take me back to my childhood, a phase in my life which innocence and hope shaped my destiny. My childhood and my past thought me to believe in myself. There has been times in my past where I have seen my dreams become reality. Today you are reading this article as I managed to survive with what I like to do, my own business and my own craft. And that's how I know once again that the dreams may come true. And for our children, there is still hope too. Would you not agree. World peace now.

Chasing Stars Handmade Gourd Lamp

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