Gourd Lamps. More than just unique handmade objects (Part 1). They attract potential customers.

Usually classified under gourd art; gourd lamps or gourd lights are more than just lamps that give out fractal reflections to the walls.

Gourd Lamps attract customers

Today I want to talk about one distinctive characteristic of these colorful, positive, organic things. This article goes to the American, Canadian and European shop owners and to those who has something to show to potential customers who walk by.

Gourd lamps are made only by a number of individuals in the world. Not only restricted by the people who make them, gourd lamps are also restricted by the number of gourds that grow on the fields. Most farmers don't see a point in growing calabash or other gourds as growing them is hard, needs a lot of water and fertilisers. Selling them is not easy and apart from the crafters, there are not many people out there who are willing to cook them. I wouldn't guess how many gourd lamps are made within a year. 15.000? Maybe. 20.000? Maybe. 30.000? I doubt it.

Gourd lamps attract customers

Although there are other reasons that make gourd art uncommon but just because of this reasons, gourd lamps are not common and likely to remain so.

Most people never heard of them at all. That's why when people see them in the first place, they can't stop themselves having a looking at them and questioning; What the heck is this?

A strategically placed gourd lamp has more powers to add to a shop window than colors and brightness. With their unique water drop like shape they add depth to the limited space in the window. They will take the light to the dark corners.

Gourd lamps atttract customers

But whats more important than all of these is they will attract people who walk by. People will stop to have a look at them. Their unique representation will keep them by your shop and of course they will acknowledge your store and your products. Well I am not talking about a magic here. We all know that shop owners use many elements to attract people to their shops. But what I am saying here is now you have something uncommon and never tried before in your country.

Gourd Lamps attract customers

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