La Vie Bohème. Unique handmade bohemian lighting at its best.

Our current collection of gourd lamps are a consequence of five years of hard work, commitment and dedication. Born in early 1970s, I can't deny that I was influenced by the hippie movement and any other ideology which supported peace, friendship, tolerance and understanding. At the age of 46, it wouldn't be wrong to say that some of our designs are influenced from those days.

A Gourd Elegance Handmade Gourd Lamp

Turned into something else today, the Bohemian way of life or the Bohemian style is undeniably one of the most popular trends of the day. And it looks like more than a trend, it has now became a way of life for many people with reflections not only on their clothing but their decorations as well as their understanding and even their dining habits.

A Bohemian Spring Handmade Gourd Lamp

Fair play to those people. I believe people who like a lot of color with style, nomadic and tribal symbols and of course plenty of positive energy are not likely to harm others and believe in world peace as well. This includes our animal friends and anything green that grows on the soil.

It is amazing that the region that we live, Turkey and middle east has a lot of inspirations that would satisfy any boho admiring personality. Yet, for us it is more than a trend or a life style, this colorful artwork, decorations, objects, kilim rugs are actually lives within our souls. They are natural inspirations that we breathe in our veins every single day of our lifes.

A Bohemian Enigma Handmade Gourd Lamp