The Truth About the 'Evil Eye' and It's Interpretation on Gourds by Rising Star.

Whats known in the western world as an 'evil eye' is called a 'nazar' in our country.

I didn't know that our 'nazar' was known as 'evil eye' until I started my online business. I was very surprised to see that something, some symbol or some object which has been adored by our culture for many centuries had a name associated with 'evil'. I can understand why it is called 'evil' but whoever has come up with it could have come up with something more descriptive and I am afraid the 'evil' bit doesn't reflect what 'nazar' is about in reality.

What's the truth about the 'evil eye' anyway?

Let me tell you a little bit more about 'Nazar'. Nazar is something bad and unpleasant happens to you as a result of envy or jealousy. It can have any form. Catching up a disease or getting sick, psychologically or physically. One of your belongings may get lost oır damaged. It is an unpleasant occurrence to you or to your belongings which will upset you somehow. Depending on the strenght of nazar, these effects can be less or more harmful. However, a 'Nazar' will take place after jealousy or envy. Otherwise, it will not be called a 'Nazar'. Someone had to be envious of you and create a negative energy towards you and then you should experience something unpleasant. A Nazar is not about and not necessarily has to be about all the bad things that happen to you.

Although there is no proven explanation or a scientific research, 'an evil eye' is supposed to protect you from this bad experience which originates from envy. My personal understanding is that the beautiful deep blue of this amulet catches the eye of the envious person and absorbs the energy directed towards you. Anyone who is envious or jealous will generate a negative energy, deliberately or unknowingly. This energy will reach to you and depending on its strength, you will be affected. This blue object in the form of the eye will catch and absorb this energy consecutively protecting you. This is what I believe happens and again I believe most people would agree

with me. I have witnessed many occasions that the glass evil eye simply chipped or crushed into pieces. I believe this simply means that its body wasn't able to carry the load of the energy stored inside. And that's why I believe the term 'evil eye' doesn't reflect the true function of this ancient Middle Eastern amulet.

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