Autumns Aura. The Joy of Sadness.

Autumn may not be the most favorite season for many people. I must say that it is not the case for me. Actually, it is the most favorite season of mine. I was born in winter and never manage to connect with the summer. I simply hate hot and summers are always a long atrocious nightmare for me.

Alanya, the place where we live may get seriously hot and humid during July and August making it totally unbearable for a person like me. Thankfully the rest of the year it is pretty nice. And Autumn is a wonderful, pleasant season in Alanya, a massive relief from the maddening hotness of Alanya summer with the nice occasional breeze, showers of rain every now and then preparing ourselves for a quiet winter.

And if you are curious why Autumn is my favorite but not Spring? A question I have always asked myself. I believe it is my melancholic personality which enjoys sadness as much as happiness. I won't deny that I enjoy sadness and a little bit of misery but surely not upsetting my family and people who love and care about me on the way. A nice dose of sadness. When I mean 'sadness' I don't mean a self-created sadness of course. I mean a sadness that naturally occurs during the living. A separation from a beloved for example.

You may think it is crazy but it happens, it happened and it will happen. Sadness is a natural part of living and being human. No matter how much we try to avoid, it is there and will visit you every now and then. We have a saying here in Turkey. More of a street type of thing that you will not find in literature. We say 'If rape is unavoidable, you would rather enjoy'. Sadness is pretty much the same. It is unavoidable and I would rather enjoy it than try avoiding. Get a glass of wine or a favorite drink of yours, place yourself in a nice cozy corner and watch the rain. And there is one gourd lamp design which is influenced by Autumn. It is Autumn's Aura, a gourd lamp with dominant browns and a spiral drill and painting work reminding of the Autumn colors and falling leaves. Turn it on while enjoying the drink and you will see that your sadness will start to present elements of joy. Life is good as it is.

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