The Sounds of 2018 from a distance. Even further progress in gourd crafting.

It is a wonderful time of the year for most of the people. Christmas approaching, the excitement of the festive season. Almost everyone has some sort of a plan for that special day and many of us already started to get organized with their gifts.

However, the situation in Rising Star workshop is slightly different. While we are trying to fulfill the orders, we are thrilled as we finalized some of the prototypes of our 2018 collection. The pioneers I should say.

Please allow me to give you some idea of what we have in the box for yourselves in 2018.

The Walk Handmade Gourd Lamp

The first release is called 'The Walk', a design I feel extremely excited about. An advanced illustration of an elephant on gourd which was something I wanted to get done for a very very long time. I am sure I will be detailing all these designs in the future so I am providing you with enough visuals and information to have an idea about.

The Walk Handmade Gourd Lamp