Gourd Lamps. More than just unique handmade objects (Part 2). They bring the family together.

For most of us, the family is the first thing and the priority in life. There is nothing as important as our family. And when it comes to our children, not only the world, the entire universe stops.

Gourd Lamps bring the family together

Most of us get married and eventually have children. Than we spend the rest of our life try making sure that our children grow up healthy and as a nice person with proper values that we believe correct. And on the way there is a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hard work and commitment.

Next to our family, the most important thing becomes our home, our castle. The place where the family returns every night. Some realise and some don't but during the battle of survival, we accumulate values, memories as well as objects that remains with us, some kept for a life time reminding us our childhood and the days we spent with our parents. I have objects sitting around me at least 30 years old, reminding me of my mother and childhood. Gourd lamps would be one of those objects when introduced by a parent at childhood. And I can assure you that provided that they are kept in good form, they will be used for a life time and after a 30 years of voyage, they will leave only smiles on your child as a grown up person.

Gourd lamps attract customers

A gourd lamp becomes a center of attention when placed in a corner in your living room and this goes on for a while. Like most of the objects they may loose popularity after a while but what makes them special is while loosing popularity, they become a natural part of the family life. Lighting them up becomes a natural part of the evening. And if you like your gourd lamp, than as you keep experimenting with it like changing the color of light, using spinning LEDs or simply changing the wattage, the gourd lamp stays as popular as the first day.

Gourd lamps invite kids to the room

When used in children's room as a night night, they are something else. They are the attraction to the kid who resist to go the room to sleep. Some behave as protectors giving comfort to the child before sleep. And the the best gain comes in time. The child who build an attachment to the gourd lamp, keeps it as a life time company, reminding of yourselves at later ages. They also become objects that call memories that normally they wouldn't remember.

Gourd Lamps are made from natural materials

Our gourd lamps are made from calabash, a native of Mediterranean. It is not a vegetable that many farmers show interest. That's why there is no chemicals used in the process of growing. Actually all they need is plenty of water. Calabash is water in reality. I mean water turns into calabash. That's why they all look like water drops. So it is a natural organic material that we use. You can place a gourd lamp around any child comfortably just for this simple reason.

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