Garage days re-visited. Gourd Lamps designed by musical influences

I was at the age of 14 when I started to listen to music for the first time. We had tapes at the time and the first thing I heard was a 90-minute tape with a Beatles compilation on side A and an Elvis Presley compilation on side B. The Beatles was my first addiction of music. And the song 'It's been a hard day's night' was my anthem for a while. This was back in the summer of 1984.

The Beatles. An influence on anyone

Within a years time, I met Iron Maiden, a band that I listened heavily every single day for 5 solid years. I was a big Iron Maiden fan until I heard Metallica. I loved to hear heavier stuff and Metallica was the band for me to open even heavier gates. When I went to Monsters of Rock (now called Download festival) for the first time in 1992, I was a already a music addict thinking nothing else but heavy metal. These were the early stages of a 25-year musical journey. I was already drumming at that stage and playing in a college band called 'Feedback'.

Early 1990s. I had posters of bands like everyone

Back in 1997, I met a man who has opened many other gates for me and took me even far away on my musical journey. Until I met him, I would listen nothing else but heavy music. But after that, I knew there were nice sounds out there and they would be worth listening to. Now at the age of 46, I am open to any sound and love to hear any music by anyone. However heavy and alternative music always have a special place in my heart. Bands like Alice in Chains, Life of Agony, Urge Overkill are my favorite bands of all time.

A Tool Artwork

Among all the bands I have listened and enjoyed, some of them have been very special for me. For some reason, I enjoyed their work more than the others. I presume this is pretty much the same for many people. And one of these bands is called 'Tool'. You might have heard of them or not, I can assure you they are something else. These guys literally created a sub-culture of their own not only with their music but also with their artwork, style, and attitude. So creative in many ways, Tool is one of