Garage days re-visited. Gourd Lamps designed by musical influences

I was at the age of 14 when I started to listen to music for the first time. We had tapes at the time and the first thing I heard was a 90-minute tape with a Beatles compilation on side A and an Elvis Presley compilation on side B. The Beatles was my first addiction of music. And the song 'It's been a hard day's night' was my anthem for a while. This was back in the summer of 1984.

The Beatles. An influence on anyone

Within a years time, I met Iron Maiden, a band that I listened heavily every single day for 5 solid years. I was a big Iron Maiden fan until I heard Metallica. I loved to hear heavier stuff and Metallica was the band for me to open even heavier gates. When I went to Monsters of Rock (now called Download festival) for the first time in 1992, I was a already a music addict thinking nothing else but heavy metal. These were the early stages of a 25-year musical journey. I was already drumming at that stage and playing in a college band called 'Feedback'.

Early 1990s. I had posters of bands like everyone

Back in 1997, I met a man who has opened many other gates for me and took me even far away on my musical journey. Until I met him, I would listen nothing else but heavy music. But after that, I knew there were nice sounds out there and they would be worth listening to. Now at the age of 46, I am open to any sound and love to hear any music by anyone. However heavy and alternative music always have a special place in my heart. Bands like Alice in Chains, Life of Agony, Urge Overkill are my favorite bands of all time.

A Tool Artwork

Among all the bands I have listened and enjoyed, some of them have been very special for me. For some reason, I enjoyed their work more than the others. I presume this is pretty much the same for many people. And one of these bands is called 'Tool'. You might have heard of them or not, I can assure you they are something else. These guys literally created a sub-culture of their own not only with their music but also with their artwork, style, and attitude. So creative in many ways, Tool is one of the extraordinary bands that have existed in the music scene.

The Undertow Handmade Gourd Lamp influenced fom Tool

And what do all these have to do with our gourd lamps? Well, of course, some of the gourd lamp designs are influenced by my musical journey as well as these bands and their artwork. We haven't deliberately designed any lamps that would directly reflect a particular band or their artwork. However, on some of the designs, you can see their influence if you are familiar with these bands and one of them would be 'Tool'.

Strangelands Handmade Gourd Lamp influenced from Tool

We have just completed a photo session for two of the lampshades we made in 2016. Strangelands and The Undertow. Strangelands is one of our best sellers which never lose popularity since release. The Undertow is another best seller which takes its name from the most popular album of Tool. Well, now you know where the inspiration comes from. We had put them on video for the first time and taken beautiful photos of these timeless gourd lamp designs.

Stragelands inspired from band Tool

Please do not think that these gourd lamp designs are directly related to Tool or somehow reflect their original artwork. It was just about my passion for this band and I was listening to their music when making these pieces for the first time. I would love to carve Tool artwork on a gourd lamp sometime in the future and I may. Who knows?

The Undertow Handmade Gourd Lamp

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