Releasing 'The One & Only'. A missing link in Rising Star Gourd Lamps Collection

Counting down for the Christmas day and the new year, most of us feel happy. Happy to reunite with our families, preparing for that special day, getting prepared for the dinner as well as organizing gifts. Almost every night is occupied with an event with friends, colleagues, relatives, and people we love and care. It is the best time of the year for most of us. I know quite a few people who hate Christmas time for their own reasons but it is undeniably a busy time for all world.

The arrival of a new year has an additional and a different meaning for Rising Star Workshop. A gouırd lamps workshop which is committed to keeping the largest and the most diverse gourd lamp collection in the world. However I must confess that trying to come up with new, interesting and bizarre gourd designs, sometimes we forget about some classics that we need to have in our collection. And every now and then I look back and review our collection to complete the missing designs in our collection.

And that's why we designed 'The One and Only' a gourd lamp design with tulips on them. Why did we call her 'The One and Only' and why it is a classic? Well let me try to explain.

As far as I am concerned tulips are the only flowers that come from one single bulb and create one single tulip. All the rest of the other flowers create many flowers from one single bulb but the tulip is the only exception. I believe everyone knows tulips but not many people know this fact about tulips and this is where the name originates from.

I know that there are not many people follow our blog at the moment. So I hereby like to re-mention that in 2018, Rising Star will have a focus on designs with no beads on them.

Beads are wonderful and they add a lot to a design. They look stunning, they help us generate something special, distinctive and extraordinary. However, there is one thing, just one thing about them. When you experiment with the color of the light source inside, they don't perform the best.

With our new range of beadless designs, we want to give yourselves the opportunity to change the color of the light inside and use your gourd lamp with different colors. Try a yellow light when you have your guests sipping your coffee. Try a red in your bedroom help you relax and fall asleep. Try a strong green, yellow, white and you will experience a different effect making your

gourd lamp and active member of the family and one of the most popular items in your house.

And yes, I confess, The One and Only is a great gift for the Valentines Day and that's another reason why we named her so. A gourd lamp design to be given to the most precious, the dearest and the Beloved.

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