Gourd Lamps. More than just unique handmade objects (Part 3). They help kids with disorders.

Today I am going to write about an email I received this morning which has touched somehere deep in my soul.

This blogpost carries no commercial interest. If you ever read this blogpost, share it and if someone returns and prooves to me that they are somehow attached to a child with a disorder, I will give them a minimum of 40% discount which is approximately their cost to me. Here is the email I received. I copy paste as it is just removing names.

Subject Your lamps are a miricale! Please read

Message: Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing to tell how wonderful your lamp art is. My niece whom is extremely Autistic, suffered the loss of her mother and father. She is now in my care. People with autism become very agitated by certain sounds , touch and light . Sometimes so much so that they physically hurt themselves. My niece Bxxxx became so agitated she began hurting herself, while we were visiting at a friend's house. We tried everything to calm her, nothing was working. We we're at the point of calling a ambulance. My friend let me take her to her room to try and get her to lay down or just get in a quit place to see if that would work. When I turned on the light switch the only thing that came on was one of your beautiful lamps. My niece got a huge smile on her face and started to laugh. I was so shocked at the mental change in her. She laid down and just stared at the lights. When it was time to leave she became agitated again not wanting to leave the lamp. I promised her we would come back for her to see the lamp. My friend has now moved . I have looked for your lamps for awhile now . So when I came across the site I was extremely happy. I will buy a lamp after I've saved up the money to purchase it. I'd like to get a couple so I can take one to the center for children with autism. I know the parents will want to purchase one after they see their child's reaction and how the calm just looking at it. I thought I would write so you could add to your site how the lamps may help someone autistic children. Thank you so very much for your time. Sincerely Kxxxxx Dxxxxx and Bxxxx Lxxxxxx

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