Maybe in 2018. Why not? Happy new year and thanks a million.

A rainy Saturday afternoon in the wonderful resort of Alanya.

We left behind the summer'17 season only a few weeks ago and now we are preparing to leave behind the year 2017.

Historic Castle of Alanya. An inspiration for our gourd lamps on its own.

Although it has been a successful year for 'Rising Star' (with a few hick-ups), I don't feel the same for the humanity. I don't necessarily think that it has gone worse but definitely no improvement. Why do I think the humanity hasn't gone worse? Because I believe that it has always been this way. I look back in history and I see the same troubles, same conflicts and same horror in all parts of the world. I believe in this dying age just the scale is increased and with the help of technology we just know and hear more. It has always been this way.

Wonderful marina of Alanya. Another source of inspiration of our gourd craft

Yet 'hope' is the only thing that I keep feeding within my soul. Something which I never give up. I usually think that giving up on 'hope' is giving up on living/life. I would consider that some sort of an emotional suicide. And that's why I don't give up on hoping for the human race either. I don't think any of us want troubles but it is generally the politics, the religion or money/poverty what creates these problems. Of course, I ignore some idiots who are either brainwashed or chasing an impossible dream. I hope for all of us.

Let me go back to Rising Star and don't take too much of your precious time detailing the ...... surrounding us.

The One and Only. Gourd lamp designed for Valentines Day

After pausing our leather works and focusing on gourd craft entirely, we sold slightly over 250 gourd lamps within the entire year on an international level. I didn't have any objectives at the beginning of the year so I can't really gauge if this is a success or not. However, I believe that we haven't done too bad and I personally consider this a success.

It is highly likely that there is no other individual or a company who managed to sell such number of gourd lamps within a year. And I can claim to be the number one in the world in terms of sales figures. However this is not because we are doing better than others, it is because our business is built on a niche and we don't have many competitors out there. Let's be honest. Even if we don't have much competition, we will not relax and will push our boundaries every year, bringing in new ideas, new designs, and new products. Some of our 2018 designs have been released already and can be seen here on our web page.

A new release The Metanoia is about demonstrating our skills on gourd drilling.

And what should we expect from 2018? Well, I give you a few ideas. Desk lamps made from gourds and gourd lamps with 3Ds on them. These are the two areas which we will focus this year. And yes... Gourd lamps with 3Ds on them. We are working on it and you will see them materialize in 2018. I share a photo of a pioneer that we are working on.

Details of our first 3d gourd lamp soon to be finished

3D Gourd Lamps. Maybe the first in history.

I am going to leave you with the best sellers of 2017. These three designs received appreciation more than any other design from Rising Star workshop.

Best Seller. The Re-designed Evil Eye First

Best selling gourd lamp from Rising Star Workshop the Evil Eye First

Best selling gourd lamp from Rising Star Workshop the Evil Eye First

2nd Best Seller. A Phenomenal Purple

Best selling gourd lamp from Rising Star Workshop the Evil Eye First

Best selling gourd lamp from Rising Star Workshop the Evil Eye First

Best Seller of All times. Strangelands

All time best selling design Strangelands gourd lamp kept its popularity throughout 2017

And I hereby wish all of yourselves, your families, your relatives and your friends the best of luck, health and happiness this year as well as the human race. I hope it just gets better for all of us. Have a wonderful 2018. Thanks for the support and appreciation you had given. all the best on behalf of Rising Star team.

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