2018 and the challenges that Rising Star faces !!! Definitely more than just improving our gourd cra

I am not going into the details which I must have mentioned in previous blog posts about the history of Rising Star and the decision we took about a year and a half ago. Stopping our leather production and focusing entirely on the gourd craft.

The Gourd Protective A Gourd Lamp Classic from Rising Star Workshop

Being a workshop with no physical store; another challenge on the wait was to open new marketing channels for our craft. Our region was in a turmoil, conflicts, and problems in many countries and we didn't really find a point in investing in a physical store. Didn't have the funds either. Our first challenge was to learn internet in a way which we have never used before. Our primary choice was to start from Amazon. And we applied for Amazon Handmade.

It has been slightly over a year and a half in Amazon, well as selected members of Amazon Handmade. Ignoring the figures of 2016, in 2017 we sold

Nepenthe from a new range of beadless gourd lamp designs that we are releasing in 2018

slightly over 120 gourd lamps in Amazon, 46 of them since November. I presume at this stage, I can consider ourselves as a workshop who has an understanding of Amazon with a store almost established. We also maintain a 5-star performance on this platform.

I decided that we should focus on a platform each year and learn it thoroughly before we move to another one. For me, 2018 is about learning YouTube as we managed to videotape most of our gourd lamp designs. Well, all with my five-year-old Nokia Lumia (fair play to Nokia and thanks to Bill Gates.. amazing product). We are also developing our web page and we are also on Instagram now, trying to be as active as we can in a reasonable and acceptable attitude.

So.. for Rising Star, it is not only about developing new gourd lamp designs but also it is about learning and using technology.

One area which I put a lot of emphases is our blog. I personally find it important as we represent a craft made only by a few individuals in the world and there is not much recognition. We also love the place we live, Alanya a small resort in South Turkey and East Mediterranean and I love to write about where we live and where our inspirations are comi