Custom Made, Personalized Gourd Lamps (Design 1) - The Hourglass

The Gourd Protective A Gourd Lamp Classic from Rising Star Workshop

I receive a lot of inquiries regarding custom made gourd lamps or designs which can be personalized. Some of these inquiries turn into orders and some remain inquiries. No matter what happens in the end, we can come up with a gourd lamp with a design of your choice... no problem.

To make it easier for yourselves, we started a template design scheme this year. I picked up some of the most popular and attractive designs from 2016 and 2017 and introduced explanations to help you contribute to the design and making of the gourd lamp.

Hourglass sand falling on the main illustration

The first design I have chosen as a customizable option is 'The Tree Knows' gourd lamp from 2016. A design which has been popular with its hourglass design and blue beadwork that surrounds the main body. And one of the designs which we customized for a gentleman in the USA and added to our collection under the name 'The Psilocybin'

Both designs have been in our collection since they are made and like all other gourd lamps every now and then someone will buy a replica.