For Your Eyes Only. Gourd Lamp Designs for Valentines Day

Gifts, gift selection and sometimes 'a gift drag' as I call it; is an undeniable part of our lifes. If you are a part of a society and have a family, one way or another, thinking about gifts, selecting gifts and organizing all the details about gifts is something we all can't avoid.

The Passion of Lovers is a brand release with red bead scheme.

I personally enjoy most of the things about 'gifts'. However, I hate to crave for something different or unique when I look for something special. Well, I bought the bracelet last year and on birthday I bought that expensive perfume. We renewed the kitchen last year which was accepted as the Christmas gift. The leather handbag was bought the other year.... Well.. What else..? Go to the shopping mall and spend hours trying to find something creative, something never bought before and something to create that trill... is something most of us experience one way or another and this is what I personally call an 'a gift drag'.

The Passion of Lovers has fine heart shaped craft surrounding its body.

There is one thing I always underline about gourd lamps. They make thrilling gifts no matter ours or someone else's for many reasons. However, in this blog post, I will not go into the characteristics of gourd lamps as unique gift ideas but will present you a couple of lighting designs that we believe are well suitable for Valentines Day gifts. And if you are in search for something special and something you never bought before... well why not?

The first gourd lamp design I will recommend is a brand release and a beaded version of a Rising Star classic 'The Gourding Hearts'. I call this new design 'The Passion of Lovers' because of its full body red bead theme. Photos slightly above this line.

The other gourd lamp design which you may consider for Valentine's day is 'Loving You'. If your Valentine has a particular interest in cats or pets, this design is just for you as it has two cats fallen in love with each other.

Two cats fallen in love with each other.

And finally, there is one new extremely special design, a new release which we named 'The One and Only'. Here is how I describe this gourd lamp design which has tulips on its body. The 'One and Only' is a wonderful gift idea which you may consider;

As far as I am concerned, tulips are the only flowers that create one single tulip from a single bulb. Unlike the rest of the flowers which may create many flowers from one single bulb, tulips are the only ones which give out one flower from one bulb.

And again as far as I know, some cultures use tulips as a symbol to represent one love and a singular devotion in their art and craft and that's where the name for this gourd lamp comes from.

The One and Only is a gourd lamp designed for Valentines to express their love and devotion to the Beloved for this reason. Simply get this lamp, put it in a nice gift box (I can't because of a trip of two continents), tell her the story of the tulip (as not many people know this fact) and I assure you that you will be thought about every single night that the lamp is turned on.

In addition to its characteristics as an expression of feelings, The One and Only is designed to reflect the nature of the light source inside. She is a plain work of gourd craft with no distractions between the light source and the output (like beads). So place a yellow light inside, you will get a lovely output with a lot of positive energy. Put a green or red light and she will turn into a nightlight which will company you to a nice comfortable sleep. She is a nice piece of cool and elegant gourd craft.

Tulips on the gourd lamp represent one love.

It is not something I normally include in my blog posts but I would like to mention about a special promotion that we run for Valentine's day. There is one particular design which I call 'A Love in Japanese'. This elegant design which is formed of tiny little drills that form small little flowers has been a popular gift for those who look for something elegant, charming and thrilling. I personally believe it makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift as well. No matter from our online store here or from our Amazon Handmade store, we offer 'A Love in Japanese' for a special price of 190usd including the delivery and the wooden base ready to plug in and enjoy.

Here is 'A love in Japanese':

A Love in Japanese is an outcome of fine drilling work and a timeless design

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