Beyond Dreams... My Pride & Joy. Have a Great Saturday.

I have a habit of reviewing our collection every January. Go through each gourd lamp design one by one. See how they did the previous year, should I keep them in the collection, should I make revisions or simply re-make and capture them once again.

Beyond Dreams, a gourd lamp design I would call my pride and joy.

I added a good few new designs to Rising Star Gourd Lamp Collection already. I also decided to remove some of the designs, maybe not permanently but until I re-visit them. For the time being, they have been removed from my Rising Star's online presence. However, I must confess that the designs I removed had nothing wrong with them. It was just their photography. I may need to re-make them to capture them better and reflect their true quality.

Any corner in the room is just right for this gourd lamp.

Did you know that the entire Rising Star web page, the videos it contains and the photography were created with the help of a 5-year-old Nokia-Lumia mobile phone? It is unbelievable how this phone performed. Fairplay and thanks to Bill Gates, Nokia and Carl Zeiss who provided the lenses for this mobile phone.

Full of positive energy, Beyond Dreams shines withe the charm of the purple.

Within the collection, there is one particular gourd lamp design which I call Beyond Dreams. One of my personal favorites which according to me underperformed in 2017. I knew the problem was with the photography. It was one of those designs which I photographed first about 2 years ago again with the Nokia Lumia but with worse personal photography skills. She is one of those designs which I would call my pride and joy. A design that I personally use in my own apartment a few days a week. She is elegant, she is strange, she is colorful, full of energy and a charmer of a gourd lamp. Have a look at the photography and I am sure you will agree with me. I will leave you with 'Beyond Dreams' and go enjoy a few bottles of cold lager under the warm Mediterranean sun, slightly unexpected at this time of the year. Have a wonderful weekend.

Place Beyond Dreams in fromt of a mirror and double the elegance with no extra cost.

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