A sunday visit to home town.

It was a wonderful, sunny Sunday in Alanya yesterday. So me and my wife decided visit some green and took our gourds with us believing that they would be happy to visit their hometown too. We had a great time together and here is the summary of the day we had together. I am going to keep this blogpost to visuals rather than the words. Have a look at the tooltips to have a better understanding of the story behind the photos.

Beyond Dreams, a gourd lamp design I would call my pride and joy.

The main family photo was taken right on the grass whre the gourds felt the most comfortable.

Full of positive energy, Beyond Dreams shines withe the charm of the purple.

Place Beyond Dreams in fromt of a mirror and double the elegance with no extra cost.

Just waiting for Starbucks to deliver the coffee

My Wife and A Phenomeal Purple chatting. They may be gossiping about me.

After a long day out and about, we were all happy to return home.

With wonderful memories to remember.

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