Someone you love, loves purple.

January 12, 2018

Today I decided to write about one exceptional design from Rising Star Workshop. A Phenomenal Purple. A design which deserves a blog post of its own with its popularity in 2017.



Initially, an attempt to separate our work from local crafters, this gourd lamp with bizarre shapes, fine drilling work and a focus on purple received a lot of positive feedback and sold a good few copies during 2017 which made me proud of what we do.


More than a lamp with a lot of purples, A Phenomenal Purple is a bizarre object, a collector's item and unique piece of handcraft. If you ask me about the phenomenality of this design, well when lit, you simply can't imagine that the design is purple in its entirety.


Beyond its illumination capabilities, I personally believe that this particular design makes a perfect gift if you are in search of something truly unique, handmade, exceptional and almost one of a kind. This is an object that you will never see in a shop window at the shopping mall or in any ordinary shop. I would recommend that you watch the video for this gourd lamp and see the details involved in the making. The lamp is divided into three sections horizontally and each section has a shape of its own, unlike each other pushing the limits of uniqueness in its own way.



Creating coupon codes or online marketing strategies. It is not something I managed to learn effectively so far but if you end up reading these sentences and feel like this may be a great Valentines Day gift for your beloved, please contact me as I will offer a 25usd discount.


These days a box that carries a gourd lamp at the size of A Phenomenal Purple travels to US and Canada for 40usd and a base worth 17usd is included in my offer. Which means that after reading these sentences if you contact me for a replica, I will send a copy of A Phenomenal Purple to you just for 190usd with a base ready to go.







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