The new 'Felicity'. A functional work of art.

January is a great month for Rising Star Workshop. There is no rush, no hurry to make lamps and ship them and plenty of time to sit back and think... and work comfortably. January is a month which I review.. almost everything.

I judge the performance of my lamps by looking at two parameters. The feedback I receive and sales figures. Each design is precious to the crafter and sometimes my own intuition doesn't help me see areas of improvement and opportunities to get better. That's why third party opinion is so precious to me... and if there is any success in what we do, I believe most of it comes from respect in others opinions. I am happy that I educated myself to listen rather than talk.

Unlike previous years which I focused on failure or underperformance, this year I focused on success and good performance and sought areas of improvement in something doing really good. I started with two designs which have been performing successfully. The Felicity and Uncle Moon and Friends. Two designs which gained appreciation from since they were released. Today I want to write about The Felicity as we still not finished the photography bit of these two improved designs.

Here is The Felicity V1

The first version of The Felicity. Blue dominant and single frame around blank sections.

And here is The Felicity V2

The new versiğon of Felicity has double lines as a frame and comes with red or purple bead options

I have used large photo format to make it easy for you to spot the differences but still, it may not be easy. Basically, there are 3 differences between the two versions.

Re-designed Felicity has two color options purple and red.

The main and the most distinctive change is the frame that surrounds the blank/dark sections. I doubled the lines that form the frame adding extra workmanship believing that it would add elegance make The Felicity even a finer design. I also decreased the curviness of the lines that form the frames bringing a minimalist attitude and added some geometry to turn The Felicity into a timeless piece. The new Felicity is more charming, further distinctive as an object. The final addition The Felicity rather than a change is the bead formation. I made two samples of this design one with red beads and the other with purple. Below is the new Felicity with red beads and red light inside.

Red light when combined with The Red Felicity is a great night light option

I recommend that you watch this amateur video I prepared for The Felicity as I added some wonderful Turkish music at the background. What you will hear is a Turkish instrument which we call 'Bağlama'. Have a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful week.

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