Releasing Multi Theme Gourd Lamps

A Transition is a gourd lamp that combines multiple themes on one gourd.

It's getting busier at Rising Star Workshop and I couldn't find time to spare on our blog lately. I know we don't have loads of followers that are not worried about reading new articles but I like the blog and committed to keep it going. On a sleepless Tuesday night in Alanya, I couldn't find a better thing to do but let yourselves hear about us and the new gourd lamp designs we made since the beginning of February.

I presume the most important thing is the inclusion of Mete Kilicli to the Rising Star Team. A close friend of mine, someone I know over 30 years, owner of AKA Foreign Trade, father of three and now %50 owner of Rising Star. Mete holds a masters degree from Leichester University in England and held managerial positions in multinationals including Ford. On its path to become a global gourd lamps brand, Mete will help us on anything apart from making gourds in the workshop. Located in Istanbul, we will be able to work with professionals leaving some of the DIY type of non-product related matters.

Mete Kıilicli and his family

So what have been going on in the world of gourds here in Alanya. Well the first thing I can say that our main raw material calabash is getting dearer and more popular in our region. Some farmers already sold out their stock. I conclude that more people are interested in this craft. However how

The Madeline is a pioneer of 3D lamps that we are planning to introduce later this year.

many of them will remain and what sort of designs we will see, that's what needs to be monitored. People start crafting gourds and after a few months they decide that it is so demanding and all the dreams slowly fade leaving us with a pollution of photography on the internet. Am I worried about many people entering the gourd lamp business? Definitely not. First of all there are zillions of houses and establishments that are our potential customers around the world and secondly the quality of what we make becomes clearer and easily observable.

We added Buddist sacred geometry on the sides connecting the back and front of the gourd lamp.
Both new gourd lamp designs has elegant shaping work at the head section

Rising Star is in a continual search. A search for the different. A search for the unique and uncommon. We are also in a constant search and need for progression. And I think this is one of the dynamics that make Rising Star one of the leaders in gourd craft. And our new releases; A Transition and The Madeleine are the consequences of this search.

This year Rising Star is trying to highlight 'A Functional Work of Craft' motto reminding that gourd lamps are more than lamps that create fractal reflections but they are functioning objects as a night lamp or a mood light like other lamps that you normally use in your rooms with additional characteristics. For example they can be used to attract customers when placed in a store window or used to calm down your kid before sleep. Simply showing the unrealised potentials in them.

With the two new designs in additioın to functionality, we additionally introduce multi-theme concept rather than building the lamp around one single theme. Both these lamps are also pioneers of lamps with triple themes combining several concepts on one gourd. What they have in common is a screen like front appearance, symbols of Buddhist sacred geometry and a universe like background. In addition to its multi theme, The Madeleine is a trial and an experimental work on 3D gourd lamps we are planning to introduce in the next few months. Hope you like them. I would be delighted to hear some feedback from yourselves.

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