Further Progression. Rising Star introduces Montana Colors 94.

I always underline that Rising Star is a progressive workshop. When I say 'progressive', most of the time, I mention about the designs that you see. But there are other things that most people will not recognize immediately unless they are from the industry or have in-depth knowledge about the materials that we use or what we make. For me, progession has many dimensions to its meaning but we mostly talk about the design side of our craft.

The first gourd lamp design we chose for Montana Colors was The Tarantism

February marks another stage in Rising Star history as we raise the bar once again in commercial gourd crafting. We started to use Montana Colors 94, technically the best spray paints in the world. And I know very well that we are the first gourd crafters in Turkey to use Montana Colors and I believe in the world as well. How do I know? Well, I spoke to the main supplier in Turkey

Apart from the quality observable, there was nothing exciting about the background.

We chose a 2018 design 'The Tarantism' to apply Montana colors. The background white coloring, apart from a better quality, was nothing exciting that we do every day. However, when we laid the Electric Blue on the gourd,

the gourd started to scream. The Electric Blue had an a