Thanks a lot 'Veysi'.

I know that I haven't been able to write a blog post for a while but didn't realize that it has been over two weeks already. Woow. That's a long time but surely that was a busy period.

Veysi decided to retire after a succesfull by-pass operation.

Thankfully, Rising Star started the new year quite successfully and the first two months have been the best ever since we focused on gourd lamps. Considering that it is the slowest time of the year, I am proud that we reached a satisfactory level of sales figure which we didn't expect at this time oıf the year. It is not my habit to spoil myself with the popularity of our work so I am not going to tell you how many lamps we sold so far this year. All I can say that %10 of our gourd stock melted already. %40 of these sales going through wholesale channels. Thanks a million. We genuinely work hard to ensure that Rising Star keeps the leader flag in gourd craft.

I am not sure whether it is sad or a happy news but unfortunately one of our master gourd crafters decided to retire. It wasn't that he wanted to but health problems and a by-pass operation on the leg forced our master crafter Veysi Yildiz to retire. We know that he will be making lamps on his retirement town 'Bodrum' west Turkey but we understand that it will be only on a personal basis. Gourd craft is demanding and definitely not the healthiest occupation to choose. We deal with dust. We deal with paint and we deal with demanding tasks. I am happy that Veysi will relax more but sad to see a good friend leave.

With additional front craft and edgy silver look, The Eccentric Second is a one of a kind gourd lamp design.

I have much more news to share with you. But I haven't been able to gather enough visuals to share the news the best way possible with our DIY attitude. So today, I am just going to introduce a new version of 'The Eccentric', well 'The Eccentric Second'. I wanted to make this unusual gourd lamp as edgy as possible. However just in case, you like this new design but not sure about the chrome/silver color, well we now use Montana 94 range with 190 color options. All you need is to ask for it. We can custom color this bizarre craft of a gourd lamp.

With green and yellow beadwork, this new gourd lamp design delivers a visual attraction if you like light colors.

One thing leads to another they say and that's exactly how the new version of The Eccentric came into life. I was working on an order and unfortunately, I made a few drilling mistakes. However, the gourd was too good to throw away and I decided to turn the work into a prototype. Having worked on the head section already, I didn't have many options but to develop The Eccentric into something new. Well here is the new Eccentric with chrome/silver coloring and additional cutting craft at the front section. I have replaced the large blue bead with a green one to match the silver coloring of the new design.

A new release The Eccentric Second seperates itself from the original design with silver coloring and additional front craft

Well, if you red all my words until here, ı wish you, your family, friends and those you love all the best. I wish peace and happiness for entire human race.

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