Arrival of 'The Fourth'...

I tend to believe that 2018 will be a great year, a year which I will remember for the rest of my life and again I believe in a very very good way.

Businesswise, it has been a great start but creativity-wise it has been even better. I and my colleagues at Rising Star decided on a few objectives in January which we believed that would take Rising Star further in gourd craft. As I write these sentences by mid-March, I believe we will be able to achieve these objectives.

The Evil eye Fourth has minimum number of beads so that you can enjoy your lamp with different color light sources.

Having the 'largest and most diverse gourd lamp collection in the world' is not enough for us. We know that we had reached that already. With three brilliant crafters in the workshop who have zillions of ideas to try on gourds, we know that we will keep the leadership in that area for a long time as well. However, we wanted to segment and focus on certain themes at the beginning of the year to make sure what we make and present verifies the statements that we make about our craft.

Most popular drilling themes are gathered on Evil Eye the Fourth

What we achieved in 2018 so far? Well, we introduced multi-theme gourd lamps which brought richness to our designs and brought versatility to your mood as a user. We introduced Montana Colors 94 as our official paint which is technically the best in the world and brought over 160 color options for you to choose from. We focused on beadless designs which increased the functionality of our lamps. Designs like 'Nepenthe' is more than a shiny object but also a mood light and a night light which you enjoy even when you are asleep. We are also working on 3D design gourd lamps which we will introduce in the second half of the year. I think that's enough material to work on for the rest of the year.

The Evil Eye fourth is a consequence of our experience in commercial gourd crafting

There is one more objective which we decided to work on this year yet I never mentioned about them on our blog. However, I know that our followers already know about it. Yes... More Evil Eye designs and more to come Hamsa Hands. Well here comes The Evil Eye Fourth.

Until now, not only Rising Star but all the rest of the other gourd crafters used plastic evil eyes on their gourd work. Simply because we all used whatever was available around. However, we took the evil eye matter a little bit further and got made 'glass' evil eyes for us to match sizes and structure of our gourds. Yes, we now use true evil eyes, handmade from the glass on all our gourds. Maybe it is not a big achievement for humanity but surely another 'first' in commercial gourd crafting and another step which we took to the raise the bar in gourd lamp quality. Farewell to the plastics made in China and welcome handmade glass evil eye beads.

'The Evil Eye Fourth' is the new member of our Evil Eye Theme Gourd Lamp family which gathers all the improved qualities of our craft plus our experience. We did not only introduce glass evil eyes and top quality paint but we gathered a rich composition of the most favorite gourd lamp figures. Two spirals on each side and two sun like figures at the rest of the body. And you know what? On Evil Eye Fourth, we used dentist scale (0.175mm) drill bits to create a growing effect which is completed by cuts. The finishing on the gourd is on Montana Matt White but as mentioned, there are 160 colors to choose from.

The Evil Eye Fourth with low red light.

We had minimized the bead work on Evil Eye the Fourth as we wanted you to experiment with the light source inside. Beads alter the nature of the light source inside. On Evil Eye Four we have only turquoise beads at the bottom section. This means that if you choose a green or a red lamp, you enjoy those colors once you turn your lamp on. Finally, the best news is that this gourd lamp design is on an introductory offer for 90usd plus shipping at our Amazon store at the moment. If you go through my articles, you will see that I hardly advertise our work with prices yet on this occasion I do so because I believe that it is another quality added to this masterpiece of an evil eye theme gourd lamp.

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