Mr. Politician

Sometimes, no matter how busy it is, I take my time to give a break for several reasons. But before anything, these little breaks are the sake of my craft quality. Thankfully and thanks to yourselves, Rising Star has made a magnificent start to the year 2018. If we go with this speed of sales for the rest of the year, we will reach last year's figure halfway before the year ends. Thanks a million. And as you can imagine, the workshop is very very busy.

As this is a little break I take for the rest of the day, I wanted to do something different within the few free hours with the company of a few bottles of cold lager. Well on a Tuesday my options are limited and I decided to write a blog post. I like writing. Yet the difference is that this article is not directly about our work and business.

About two weeks ago, a gentleman from Sacremento reached out to me looking for a lamp as a gift for his wife. He was interested in one of our best sellers, The Gourdopuss. We exchanged some ideas, discussed options. For me, this was a regular process which I want to provide for each and every single one of yourselves.

I come from a tradition of hospitality, generosity, and welcoming. Some of the things which we do in terms of 'customer service' are actually natural behavior patterns that we see from our parents. In addition to these, I personally like to make sure, people who get something from me in exchange of money are fully satisfied not only by the product but also with anything attached to that transaction and beyond. This is when I have a good comfortable sleep at night. Some people call these things as 'customer service' and 'after sales'. Anyone who knows me, knows very well that, I don't call these people customers and any of these institutional terminologies don't apply in Rising Star. However, as a man who has spent half of his life in Europe, I know very well that most of the time, the relation between the sellers and buyers are quite plastic and its all about take the product and give me the money. Goodbye. Since the day Rising Star was born, we never had such an attitude, simply because it is not in our nature.

Anyway. Coming back to the original story, this gentleman was extremely pleased with the interaction we had during the course of the making of his lamp. I rather call it an interaction because I wasn't providing him a service. I just wanted to do what I did simply because I liked the interaction and the experience we had together. It was a pleasure for me. The highlight of our correspondence was the video I made for him explaining the design and the making of his gourd lamp. You all can watch this video if you are interested in the stages that a gourd takes while turning into a lamp. The video shows the making until beading stage.

In return, I received a few photos from this gentlemen's facebook page, complimenting what I had done for him. I can't tell you how much I was pleased with his sentences. I am sharing those sentences with you here. However, still, my intention in drafting these sentences is not about our business or our craft. I want to send those politicians a message. Please keep on reading.