Diversity within diversity. The story of possibly the most selling gourd lamp in the world.

Greetings from sunny, happy Alanya, one of the most charming towns in the East Mediterranean.

Alanya is an inspiration itself, the Mediterranean is an inspiration itself, the nomadic culture is an inspiration itself and add the biggest inspiration, LIFE itself on top of all these, I just can't stop thinking how lucky I am to be existing on this part of the world.

A replica of Evil Eye First from the lens of my neighbour Alexander.

Every now and then, I will be hosting someone in my workshop who wants to learn gourd craft. What we show to these apprentices is primarily sketching and drilling. I also show a full process from the beginning until the finishing and let these apprentices free so that they fly with their own wings. I haven't charged anyone a single penny until today to show what we do and how we do by the way and anyone is welcome. Some keep on crafting but most of them give up.

Traditionally most of our local gourd craft is what we call a 'compass work'. Circular figures placed on the gourd with the help of a compass. Some sections beaded, some painted. Well, that's the roots of gourd craft in the Mediterranean.

When I start showing/teaching drilling, I usually make the apprentice drill a circular form, I believe this is the most effective way of learning to drill on a gourd.

The first Evil Eye First was very small in size.