From Cocoa Beach, Florida to Alanya and back to Washington. A story about passion and enthusiasm

One thing leads to another they say and that's exactly what has happened when a gentleman from the US bought a lamp from our Amazon store as a gift for his wife. I wrote about my experience with him (Sorry I never mention names as a respect for privacy) a couple of weeks ago.

Barbara Eden and late Larry Hagman played the main characters in the world famous TV series of 1960s and 70s, I Dream of Jeannie

After a short while, his brother-in-law got in touch with me, looking for a custom order gourd lamp. I was very happy to see that one nice job we completed led more business come in but I never thought that I would have another amazing experience (try) making this custom order. The entire process was a trip down the memory lane, another nice and enchanting interaction with the other side of the planet but also a lot more learned about our skills, our craft and the way we work. This gentleman was looking for a replica of the 'Iconic Genie Bottle' from 'I Dream of Jeannie'. And I said 'yes.. I will make it, no problem'.

As usual and like I always do with custom orders, me and this gentleman went through the process of selecting the right gourd, discussing the details. We shared ideas and information. This was our first ten days basically and I felt as if I knew what to do very well from the very beginning... but I was wrong. However, there was one thing I managed to discover which was his enthusiasm for the TV series 'I Dream of Jeannie'. within the correspondance we had over this process and time period, ı learned a lot about his love for the TV series which I will not go into details here as a respect for his privacy. I must confess that I owe thanks to this gentleman as his enthusiasm reminded me of a lot of things that I have forgotten. Not necessarily about TV series of childhood nostalgia. What he reminded me was 'enthusiasm' a feeling that most of us almost forgot at this side of the planet. Past decade has been more horrible for most of the people in this area and I doubt there are many people out there who feel passionate about something but survival under the current circumstances.

The Genie Bottle used in the TV series was originally a Jim Beam bottle.

Apparently, the original genie bottle was a Jim Beam bottle. Although you can get a gourd similar to this shape, only similar, it could have been very restrictive when you considered that you were making a lamp... Well at the end of the day, you want this object to illuminate.

The Iconic Genie Bottle of I Dream of Jeannie