Leaving 2017 behind. A year dominated by the Purple Phenomena.

December 10, 2017

Christmas is soon and the Rising Star workshop is busy trying to fulfill Christmas orders. We are quite happy with the demand this year and I should thank to all those who consider our work as gifts for their families and their loved ones. Thanks a million. From here, and on behalf of Rising Star Team I can comfortably say that you are all adding to our joy this Christmas and we respect. I hope you all feel the same.



I have noticed that I have ignored the blog for a while (because of the workload) and decided that I should write. Our blog is very important for me not because I love to write but I also believe that this blog in time will be a part of our signature in the world of gourd craft.


A particular design which we released early this year (2017) got very popular in the last few months and I decided to share with you 'A Phenomenal Purple', a pioneer for some of the designs which we are releasing for 2018. A Phenomenal Purple, along with an evil eye theme gourd lamp design is closing this year as a best seller.


The idea of the design for this gourd lamp is a consequence of a search. A search within our souls, our dreams and our challenges. I have seen a lot of beadwork emerging from local crafters in 2016. I was happy to see many crafters entering the market and the scene but I wasn't happy with many people simply drilling holes and beading gourds. Please do not get me wrong. It takes time to bead properly and crafters will need time to get there. My problem was with those who started gourd craft, pinned up, Instagrammed or facebooked their work but left the craft after polluting the digital galaxy. And that's where the search started. A search to segregate our work, not from the committed crafters but from those who started beading and then gave up.


The first thing we did was to start using unusual and bizarre shapes instead of bohemian style Middle Eastern figures which started to dominate the scene here in Turkey. The next thing was about the unlit appearance under daylight. We started to paint the gourds with alternative colors such as blues and purples where most gourds were left naturally varnished or painted to white over here. And finally, we introduced stripes handpainted with gold color acrylic and the pioneer was 'A Phenomenal Purple'; a purple dominant gourd lamp not only attractive by its unlit appearance under daylight but also with its blue and turquoise charm when lit.

 Looking back in 2017, I see that we made something nice as we sold over 20 replicas through our Amazon Handmade store only. Happy days.... Not because we made a few bob over our sweat but because we received nice feedback and appreciation. Thanks a million as your appreciation led to several other gourd lamps to develop.





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