The Largest and Most Diverse Calabash Based Gourd Lamp Collection

Hello and welcome to 'Rising Star Handmade',

Designers and the makers of fine and advanced Mediterranean gourd lamps.

Here in our blog, we will try to introduce you the gourd craft, our gourd lamp collection as well as Turkish and Mediterranean culture. We will also introduce you leading gourd artists from Turkey.

Gourd craft is not easy. Gourd craft is challenging and gourd craft is demanding. And that is the simple reason why many get excited to get in but most give up after a while. It does take time to make a gourd lamp and it looks like the new generations have no patience for this type of thing. Can we blame them? I don't know and it is not my topic either. However there is one thing for sure, that gourd craft will remain a niche as long as the new generations chase for quick and easy money.

We claim the largest calabash based commercial collection in the world. And yes there are reasons.

There are not many established workshops in the world which would primarily make gourd lamps but nothing else. Yes there are crafters, even famous crafters but still almost all of them are home based artisans They don't have the time or resources to devote their entire time, space or funds to dedicate themselves to gourd craft. Try making a living by maling gourd lamps... you may find yourself in trouble. What usually happens is that these crafters dive into challenging, unusual and extreme designs and they spend most of their time try to make sure it is a nice piece of gourd lamp and that's when you see hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their price tag as they devote hours and hours to make it

What we have done, have been doing is that we standardized the designs. We made them, we reviewed them. We kept some of them simple so that we wouldn't be sparing weeks to make one lamp. It is not a rocket science. We also divided the processes, like cleaning and sandpapering (pre-making processes) into responsibilities. We outsourced some of the processes and simply focused on making. And whats even more important. We gathered three gourd crafters into one workshop to create the largest gourd lamp collection. Here you see the consequence of hard, devoted and commited work of 2 years.


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