Strangelands V1
The Beginning

This gourd lamp that you are looking at has a story based on Marconi's theory which suggests that sound never dies.

Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi, (1874-1937) was an Italian inventor and electrical engineer, known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission, development of Marconi's law, and a radio-telegraph system. He is credited as the inventor of radio, and he shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Ferdinand Braun in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy.

His theory simply suggests that sound never dies and my poor understanding suggests that sound keeps traveling in space and universe. This forms the main inspiration for 'Strangelands V1 - The Beginning'.

I also believe that we are not on our own in this universe and there are other creations/life somewhere else. And Strangelands suggests that the other life in the universe is possibly more intelligent and wiser than ourselves. These creatures based their philosophy on peace, tolerance and understanding.

Coming back to the story, I think about all the noise we have been creating past two centuries. Our songs, operas, music and other nice sounds that we create keeps traveling as well as the sound of the bombs we made, our weapons, guns, factories and war. And yes their horrible sound travels into the depths of the universe too. I actually believe the terrible sound we produce is now larger than the nice sounds.

These creatures that you see on the gourd (some call them aliens, some call octopus and some jelly fish) are actually aliens which exist in a far galaxy. Like the jelly fish which I understand have been on our planet for millions of years, they have been existing for millions of years too. Believing that time brings wisdom to an individual, the wisdom that these aliens gained are far deeper than ours.

Eventually the sound of our bombs and destruction arrive to this galaxy in which these creatures live. This sound/noise is so disturbing for them as these creatures live in peace and harmony. Eventually they decide to find out where it comes from. So some of them travel to our Milky Way to find out. They wouldn't enter our Solar System before they collect more information about the noise and consecutively about us. So they select this planet which can observe two suns as well as our Solar System and decide to land and remain there to find out more about us. For them, the planet they land, our Solar System and our planet is very strange as it is full of negative sound and an undesired lifestyle. And that's why we called this lamp 'Strangelands'.


For me and my wife this object you are looking is more than a lamp but also a message of peace. We hope to leave a better world for our children and we believe we can achieve this only by peace, understanding and tolerance.