The Aboriginal

This is The Aboriginal, a member of a range of gourd lamps I make with black coloring on the gourds, an optional gourd lamp collection who like and prefer dark colors. Just in case you may want to know why I call this design 'The Aboriginal', it is simply because this design scheme is a gourd lamp classic. These drill holes at varying diameters on a straight line would be one of the basic themes that any gourd crafter makes when starting gourd craft with drills.

In a world and markets full of brilliant ideas and products, I believe my lamps stand out in their own way as unique gift ideas for many occasions as they are entirely handmade and can't be found easily in every shopping mall. That's why I believe you may consider The Aboriginal as a gift for mothers day, housewarming as well as anniversary and birthday. She will be a good option for sisters, aunts, and teachers as well. I believe this lamp has the power to make someone dear feel special on top of its lighting and decorative characteristics.